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Urinal Systems, Oklahoma

We offer innovative urinal systems for Oklahoma businesses that combine waterless with traditional.

Urinal Systems in Oklahoma Urinal Systems in Oklahoma – Many facilities throughout Oklahoma are turning to effective waterless urinal systems to help them conserve water. A waterless urinal looks like a regular urinal but without a water intake pipe. Instead of flushing, these urinals use gravity to drain. The outflow pipe is connected to the facility’s plumbing system just as a regular urinal would be.

The designs of these urinal systems vary to give customers style options based on preference or restroom design. There are also different ways in which odors are kept at bay. For instance, we have urinals that integrate traditional and waterless valve technologies. By combining these two qualities, the same water efficiency of a waterless urinal is there, but so are the rinsing benefits of a traditional valve urinal. The valve is programmed to automatically activate at a certain time.

These urinal systems reduce water, sewer, custodial, and maintenance costs. Restroom odors are also controlled, so you have a more sanitary restroom. The odor-free, double-sealed cartridge requires no chemicals to work and allows water to flush through without having to remove the cartridge. This sound system improves upon the qualities of the traditional urinal while using very little water.

If your Oklahoma facility needs a more sustainable urinal option that can help you reduce costs, our team at hybridH2O has several solutions designed to achieve those exact goals. Contact us today, and we will be more than happy to answer your questions and discuss how our products can help your business be more sanitary and efficient.

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