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Urinal Systems, Georgia

How much water can traditional urinal systems waste? You might be surprised at the answer.

Urinal Systems in GeorgiaUrinal Systems in Georgia – One of the best ways you can save money in Georgia while being a little greener is to replace your old urinals with waterless units. Waterless urinal systems are among the most unique items you could add to your home or business. Such a system is ideal, as it will use less water than you would with traditional urinals.

The problem with average urinal systems that use water is that they can use far too much water in a single flush than necessary. A traditional urinal will use about one to three gallons of water on each flush. This means that a single urinal could use at least 20,000 gallons of water in a year. This concern can be very significant if you have several of these urinals in a Georgia business site. This would be even worse if you have a urinal that runs far too often and is tough to repair.

Waterless urinal systems are better, as they use much less water. Only a small bit of water is needed for flushing the drain line on your system every once in a while. You would only need about a liter of water or two each month for the maintenance process on each of these urinals.

We at hybridH2O will help you find waterless urinal systems that you can use in your Georgia home or business space. We feel that you will benefit quite well from a system that uses much less water than what you might be using right now.

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