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Stand-Out Features of the Smarty Bee Waterless Cartridge

Waterless urinals are becoming more and more common, which is great because they can significantly reduce water usage and utility bills. There are various common brands of waterless urinals, but they all pretty much use a replaceable waterless urinal cartridge to keep waste liquid and gases in the sewer system where they belong. At regular intervals (depending on frequency of use), these cartridges have to be replaced.

So, an important part of maintaining and overseeing a waterless urinal is purchasing replacement waterless urinal cartridges. While there are various brands to choose from, there are some stand-out features of Smarty Bee waterless cartridges that make them a top choice:

  • No sealant fluid needed: While most other replacement cartridges use a dense fluid to contain sewer gases and odors and keep them out of the restroom, Smarty Bee waterless cartridges don’t need this.
  • Easier maintenance: There are times when the sealant fluid has to be replaced before the cartridge needs replacement. This task takes time and has the potential to be messy.
  • Not negatively affected by cleaners: Replacement cartridges that have sealant fluid can be ruined by some cleaners or too much water. Cleaning when you have Smarty Bee waterless cartridges is easier and less stressful.

Smarty Bee waterless cartridges makes having zero flush or low flush urinals a real positive. You can conserve water while maintaining a pleasant restroom environment, whether you oversee a business, a government building, a military facility, or another establishment. Even better, the Smarty Bee waterless cartridges can be used with other zero and low flush options on the market.