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Smarty Bee WaterlessWe know we need to save water. We know we need to save money. So often, choosing sustainability means making the more expensive choice, but in this case, the environmentally intelligent choice is the thrifty choice.

With Smarty Bee waterless products, your waterless urinal will be kind to your pocketbook. You won’t need to change anything except the urine-trapping cartridge in the bowl, and you won’t need to change it very often. You obviously won’t need to flush, because there’s no water. That will also cut down on your cleaning needs, because no water means no splashing or spraying, and it also means no sky-high water bills from a constantly running toilet.

Smarty Bee waterless products are also the cutting edge of waterless systems and have extra proprietary refinements on the basic trap cartridge model that prolong the life and effectiveness of their cartridges. Smarty Bee waterless, plus hybridH2O, equals your smartest bathroom choice!

Learn more about our waterless urinal supplies, including Smarty Bee waterless products, by watching this video.