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The Role of Urinal Deodorizer Domes in a Waterless SystemPublic restroom facilities are generally nothing to get particularly excited about, and we usually spend minimal time in them, touching and breathing as little as possible. But new developments in the arena of restroom appliances have made progress into a more enjoyable bathroom experience – not to say that it is still exactly enjoyable, but breathable is a nice start.

Urinal deodorizer domes are a big part of the neutralization of odors in public restrooms. Urinal deodorizer domes are part of a larger system of the relatively new waterless urinal systems. A waterless urinal system, much as is sounds, requires no water to operate or drain fluids out of the urinal bowl; instead, these urinals rely on the force of gravity along with an advanced filter system to stop odor in its tracks.

The urinal deodorizer domes sit on top of the replaceable cartridges that do the job of filtering out the fluids passing through the urinal. These domes are filled with a biodegradable chemical substance that is lighter than water, allowing urine to pass through and settle beneath, completely sealed off. Since the smell of urine cannot pass through the liquid inside the deodorizer dome and the cartridge, odor is all but eliminated.

Smarty Bee is a leader in the supply of both urinal deodorizer domes and replaceable cartridges. Both products are designed to be removed and replaced as easily as possible, making maintenance and replacement of the parts a job that takes less than a few minutes. Cartridges from Smarty Bee are also set to rinse the urinal bowl with deodorizing fluid at regular intervals, thus giving better control of odor and grime in your public restroom facility.