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Public Urinals and Hygiene IssuesUrinals are a popular choice in men’s bathrooms, especially public facilities, because they occupy less space and consume less water than commode toilets. Unfortunately as they are often situated in high-traffic areas and people using them do not always observe strict hygiene practices, keeping public urinals clean and hygienic can be a challenge.

It is vitally important that a regular cleaning schedule is established and that cleaning staff know the correct way to clean and disinfect the urinals. They should also know which chemicals and other equipment are best suited to this purpose.

The unpleasant odors so often associated with public restrooms are caused mostly by bacteria as they multiply, so it stands to reason that the best way to control odors is to keep bacteria to a minimum.

In order to breed, bacteria need a warm, moist environment. The average urinal is thus an ideal breeding ground for germs, and care must be taken to not let them get out of control.

It also stands to reason that less moisture = less bacteria. For this reason waterless urinals are a sensible option for use as public urinals.