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sustainable restroom supplies have clear benefits.

If you choose to feature sustainable restroom supplies in your business or facility, then you may at times be called upon to defend that decision. Not all people are eco-friendlyBut even more frequently, people are not acquainted with the benefits of these kinds of products. Taking the time to inform folks about your decision to use sustainable restroom supplies not only promotes them but doing so also reveals your insight as well.

The individual you are discussing these products with may be under the impression that they are a sort of vanity project, and indeed sometimes eco-friendly items may be exactly that. However, sustainable restroom supplies have clear benefits. The one that is most obvious and self-interested is that which pertains to waterless urinals: they reduce your water bill. While your concern for the environment and wasting water is top of mind while deciding to go with waterless urinals, the person you’re speaking with will automatically understand the savings benefit.

We at hybrid H2O provide another clear benefit with our use of Smarty Bee replacement urinal cartridges in our waterless urinals: fewer cleaning products. Because these cartridges can be, if necessary, flushed through with plain water, that saves you money on cleaning products and the custodian’s time as well. So there are multiple ways in which sustainable restroom supplies can save you money.

Of course, not using those extra cleaning products is also good for the environment, too, but at this point your listener has enough to digest already. You’re the clear winner here. Using hybridH2O waterless urinals is smart as well as ethical.