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hybridH2O encourage you to share the facts about waterless urinals.

There are two ways to regard the stigma surrounding waterless urinals. One way is to believe that the skeptics are uninterested, anti-eco consumers with no regard for the environment. Another way is to see them as consumers forced to take anything new with a grain of salt in a market-based world where scammers are constantly on the prowl.

While the frustration of some environmentalists is understandable, we’d like for you to go with the latter way. It’s always wrong to think poorly of the people you’d rather convince of something positive. Sympathy toward those who are difficult to convince is a better way forward.

To be fair, the latter way of regarding people who aren’t eager to use waterless urinals isn’t unreasonable, partly because it’s counterintuitive for a person with a lifetime of experience using urinals to believe the waterless variety is viable. A gentleman availing himself to a urinal has always seen them as self-cleaning by means of water streaking down from the top. Either that, or it’s a stagnant, pooling, odorous calamity best forgotten.

We at hybridH2O encourage you to share the facts about waterless urinals. Our urinals taper down at the bottom and come with the Smarty Bee cartridge, which traps the urine beneath its dome so there’s no odor. Flushing isn’t necessary, saving on water, which is good for the environment and thus lessens the proprietor’s water bill.

With this kind of positive and truthful response to a consumer’s skepticism, we can overcome any stigma surrounding waterless urinals and eco-friendly products in general