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Urinal SystemsIt is now possible for you to have fully functional urinals in your building that use not one drop of water. Waterless urinal systems have improved so much that they aren’t just an option for environmentally conscious businesses and schools. Technology has improved to such an extent that waterless urinal systems are both efficient and affordable for everyone.

Maintaining your waterless urinal has become ridiculously simple. There’s one removable part– a cartridge that traps the urine, seals it away from the air so there’s no smell, and funnels it into a well in the urinal. From there, the urine flows into your drainage system, and then into the septic or sewer system. If you want, you can also buy deodorizing screens that cut down on any splashing out of the bowl. No water, no fuss, and much less hassle. Who needs a plumber when your waterless urinal systems have no moving parts, and the only removable parts are easily changed by you?

After you save on plumbing, water costs, and air fresheners, you also get the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping the environment. What’s not to like? Give us a call at hybridH2O to learn more!