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Sustainable Restroom Products
Running a successful business can be extremely difficult. Running a successful business and keeping it sustainable and environmentally-conscious can be next to impossible. While there are many things that each person can do individually to lower their own carbon footprint, it can be significantly more difficult to lower the carbon footprint of a business. It can be especially difficult to manage water use in public restrooms. One way that you can help to lower water use and thus lower the carbon footprint of your business is by using specific sustainable restroom products.

One big change that many companies across the globe are making is switching to waterless urinals. Sustainable restroom products, like waterless urinals, are already common in other countries, but are just beginning to become a popular choice in the United States. Unlike low-flow flush urinals, waterless urinals do not flush at all, and only use water when it is necessary to clean and sanitize.

Waterless urinals function by allowing urine to flow down through the grate at the bottom and into a trap that that stops odors by preventing the urine from being exposed to air. After it flows through the trap, it enters a small well, and as the urinal is used the well fills and forces the waste down the drain without the need to force it out with running water. The traps themselves are replaceable and can be used in conjunction with other sustainable restroom products like deodorizer domes and screens to ensure that the restroom always has a fresh and clean scent.