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hybridH2O Waterless Urinals

High utility bills can be a major problem for business owners. You work hard to make your business as profitable as possible, but utility bills eat into that profit. Luckily, there are many ways to lower your business’ utility bills and make your business more environmentally friendly at the same time. One of the most effective ways to do this is by installing waterless urinals in your business’ restrooms.

Waterless urinals are a revolutionary type of bathroom fixture that require no water to operate. Flushing urinals use up to three gallons of water every time they are flushed. Waterless urinals on the other hand do not flush at all. Instead, they allow the urine to flow down, through a grate, and into a trap. The trap eliminates odors by sealing the urine away and preventing the urine from coming into contact with air. As the waterless urinal is used throughout the day, the trap fills up and excess urine flows down the drain without the need for water.

In a study by the Center for Sustainable Tourism at East Carolina University, they found that businesses that used waterless urinals saved an average of $225 annually per urinal. They found that waterless urinals paid for themselves in only two years. They also noted that waterless urinals required less maintenance than flush urinals because there are no mechanical parts, that they provided improved odor control compared to traditional toilets, and that they were more hygienic since users did not need to operate a flush lever.