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Urinal Deodorizer Domes
If you’ve already upgraded the urinals in your restrooms to waterless urinals, you’ve already made a very smart investment. You may already know that waterless urinals are more hygienic due to users not needing to touch a flush handle. If you’ve had waterless urinals for a while, you’ve probably noticed how much you’re already saving on your utility bill. You might also know that studies have shown that waterless urinals, in addition to their other benefits, control odor better than traditional toilets. But, if you want to improve odor control even more and introduce a pleasant fragrance into your restrooms, you can use urinal deodorizer domes.

Urinal deodorizer domes serve multiple purposes that help keep your urinals hygienic, fresh smelling, and operating smoothly. First, to control odors, they automatically release a deodorizing fragrance after each use. This helps freshen the air near the urinal. They also release natural surfactants, also known as surface active agents, into the urinal trap, which helps to break down the surface tension of liquids. This keeps your urinals cleaner and reduces the need for maintenance.

Another benefit of urinal deodorizing domes is their ease of use. These domes were specifically designed to be the easiest, most effective, and most cost effective waterless urinal dome on the market, and they are compatible with a variety of waterless urinal cartridges. You simply remove the old dome from the top of the urinal cartridge and place a new urinal deodorizing dome onto the cartridge, which easily ensures the continued functionality and freshness of the waterless urinal.