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We manufacture a variety of urinal deodorizer domes for waterless urinalsUrinal deodorizer domes exist as an important part of a cartridge system in a low-flow or zero-flow urinal system. In addition to protecting the cartridge underneath, a urinal deodorizer dome slows and directs urine around and to the intake points of the cartridge. While low- or zero-flush urinals are already less prone to bacterial growth due to the lack of water flowing regularly through the entire fixture, the urinal deodorizer dome assists further by decreasing possible splashing or splattering and helps make the urinal easier to clean.

Urinal deodorizer domes are also designed to release a positive scent into the restroom they are installed in. Even high-traffic bathrooms can smell and look cleaner with urinal deodorizer domes added to the list of restroom supplies.

At hybridH2O, we carry a wide variety of products for both zero-flush and low-flush fixtures. Our cartridge design avoids costly sealant, and our cartridges fit our own fixtures, as well as the fixture of our competitors. We’re dedicated to the entire realm of zero-flush fixtures, and urinal deodorizer domes are just one part of the larger picture. Our goal is to provide you the very best value, no matter the style or manufacturer of your fixture. Give us a call today and see what hybridH2O can do for you!