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Improving Your Water Bills One Urinal at a Time

Are you actively trying to use less water in your home and in your business? Did you know that even a small leak can waste gallons of water and cost you over the course of a year? When it comes to saving money through water usage, there are all sorts of cost-saving and water-saving measures that you can take. However, there are some measures that you can complete with urinals that will practically negate your water usage right down to zero. Here at hybridH2O, we have developed a different way of viewing urinals that we would like to share with you and help you improve your water bill one urinal at a time.

At hybridH2O, we are able to supply our customers with innovate and technologically advanced waterless urinals. These urinals come with many advantages over traditional urinals, the saving of water being just one of them. When you don’t need to use water to flush urinals, you will find that your water bill is drastically reduced, especially in a place like a busy office space or municipality building where you have frequent users of the urinals. With less water consumption also comes smaller bills, which is an advantage that everyone can agree upon!

Another advantage of our urinals is that they don’t smell like other waterless waste solutions. Unlike a porta-potty or chemical toilet, urinals are able to use technology and clever design so that they negate odors and flush with the use of gravity. If you would like to improve your water bills, help the environment by saving water and enjoy the other advantages of a different style of urinals, contact us here at hybridH2O today.