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Waterless urinals are great for anyone looking to save money

One of the biggest hinderances to advancement is the phrase, “But we have always done it this way.” When you are working to try and implement energy-saving or environmentally-friendly products, there will be many people who are going to try to tell you that the way things have always been done is the way things should continue to be done, but don’t fret — you know better! Here at hybridH2O, we have always refused to believe that things can’t be done better or differently to get better results. With our attitude, attention to technology and our ingenuity, we have been able to create a business out of putting people in touch great new products like waterless urinals. How do waterless urinals work? Let’s take a closer look.

In a traditional urinal, there is a drain and a flush lever. A surprising amount of water is used with every flush, and this is water that is used needlessly. With waterless urinals, urine goes into a special cartridge at the bottom of the urinal. Through the use of clever, patented technology, you don’t need to worry about smells from urine or sewers. Our special cartridges collect the urine until enough flows in and pushes the excess out of the cartridge and down the drain, essentially using gravity as its own flushing system. With this system, the waterless urinal negates the need for water wasted through flushing.

Waterless urinals are great for anyone looking to save money. This system can be implemented in schools, colleges, municipalities, corporations or small businesses. To learn more about the exciting and intriguing money and water-saving technology behind the waterless urinal, contact us today at hybridH2O.