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waterless urinal systems connect to the rest of your plumbing

If you are looking for ways to make your business facilities more eco-friendly, one of the best places to start is in the restroom. Toilets, sinks, and urinals use a huge amount of water, which in turn puts a significant strain on the local ecosystem. If you are interested in reducing your business’ water consumption, one of the most effective steps you can take is to replace your flush urinals with waterless ones. To help convince you, in this article, our team at hybriddH2O will be going over the basics of how waterless urinal systems work.

As the name states, waterless urinals do not use water to flush urine away, but instead use gravity alone to channel it into the drain. Some people assume this means that waterless urinals function similarly to composting toilets and will require you to deal with that waste later. However, in reality, waterless urinal systems connect to the rest of your plumbing. Once urine is through the drain, pipes will carry it into your main plumbing lines, where it will ultimately be sent to a water treatment plant.

To prevent odors, our waterless urinal systems here at hybriddH2O use specially designed cartridges that sit in the trap of each unit. These cartridges contain chemical technology that will keep the urine from reacting with water or anything else that will create odorous gases. You will need to replace these from time to time, but compared to traditional models, waterless urinals require very little maintenance. If you have further questions about waterless urinal systems or how they work, just give our team at hybriddH2O a call.