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That waterless urinals save water is fast becoming an accepted fact, and many property owners and managers have switched to using these units as a result. But did you know that waterless urinals have an added positive benefit on the environment, since they save electricity as well as water?

Electricity saving is not something commonly associated with waterless urinals because this benefit is indirect. Urinals, whether flushing or waterless, do not directly consume electricity. However, the process of supplying the water that is used in flushing urinals certainly does consume a lot of electricity. Purification plants and pumping systems are typically very heavy users of electricity.

Up to 13% of the energy generated in the US is utilized for water-related purposes. In fact, it costs $4 billion to treat and deliver clean water and collect soiled water for purification annually. In some cities, this constitutes as much as 60% of the total energy bill.

So, widespread use of flushing urinals means that we as a nation are literally flushing electricity down the drain. Seen in this light, it is obvious that waterless urinal units are an environmentally responsible choice.