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urinal deodorizer domes get rid of the waste matter completely

The best solution to restroom odors is to remove the offensive matter that causes them. The methods of removal can vary from system to system. Some methods are eco-friendlier than others.

For urinals, the older methods each had their faults. These designs either used a lot of water or didn’t have a way of removing urine completely. It would mix with water at the bottom of the appliance and there would be perhaps a urinal cake there to hide the smells. Before urinal deodorizer domes, the open, unclean pool of dreck awaiting unfortunate patrons was often downright nasty.

Some custodians would see fit to fill the bottom of a urinal with ice instead. This was a solution often employed by pub owners, where men’s room traffic was higher and often rowdy. The ice would be melting slowly and diluting the urine somewhat. This may have watered down the mess but the problem was the same.

Again, urinal deodorizer domes get rid of the waste matter completely by trapping urine beneath it, but this technology is comparatively recent.

As a part of the waterless restroom array of accessories available today, urinal deodorizer domes provide the most elegant odor-prevention solution to date. We at hybridH2O produce waterless urinals designed for this, and our system employs the Smarty Bee urinal replacement cartridge, which is easily replaced by custodians. It traps urine underneath and therefore trapping odors, too. And our waterless urinals save you money on water bills as well. Our solutions are thrifty as well as eco-friendly.