How Urinal Deodorizer Domes Prevent Foul Restroom Smells

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No one wants to walk into a public restroom and be bombarded with foul smells coming from the urinals. Air fresheners can only do so much to hide odors, but why try to hide odors when you can prevent these smells from the start? Urinal deodorizer domes can be placed into your public restroom’s urinals to help prevent foul odors from overwhelming your restroom.

How Urinal Deodorizer Domes Prevent Foul Restroom Smells

One of the biggest causes of foul odors coming from a urinal is bacteria buildup within the urinal. Without the proper products installed, bacteria will multiply within the urinal and cause an undeniable stench, especially in a high-traffic bathroom where it’s natural for bacteria in urine to accumulate much quicker than in low-traffic bathrooms. Urinal deodorizer domes prevent this bacteria from solidifying and multiplying within the urinal, eliminating one of the biggest causes of urinal odors.

Some building owners and managers try to use automatic air fresheners and screens to get rid of urinal odors, but these aren’t as effective as preventing the odors in the first place. Rather than trying to mask a foul odor, urinal deodorizer domes, in addition to preventing odors, release a refreshing scent into the rest of the restroom. With urinal deodorizer domes, you don’t have to worry about an unpleasant stench in your public bathroom.

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