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There are several types of waterless urinal cartridge on the market, many of them supplied by the same companies that make waterless urinals (e.g. Sloan, Kohler, Falcon). There are also replacement cartridges available from 3rd party manufacturers that can be used as replacements in existing urinals to reduce costs and lengthen replacement intervals. The hybridH2O range is a good example of this.

Replacement of most types of waterless urinal cartridge follows a similar process:

  • Put on latex gloves.
  • Use the tool supplied by the manufacturer to loosen the cartridge.
  • Wait a few minutes for excess fluids to drain away.
  • Pull the cartridge out of the urinal.
  • Place the used cartridge in a disposal bag and discard – bearing in mind local regulations regarding where and how items of this nature maybe disposed.
  • Check that the drain line is clear and remove any debris that may cause an obstruction.
  • Fit a new cartridge and add sealant if required – note that some types of replacement cartridge do not require any sealant, reducing costs and making maintenance simpler.
  • Thoroughly clean the urinal and surrounding area.