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How to Make Urinal Systems More Sustainable

Our team here at hybridH2O is passionate about sustainability, and we want to help entrepreneurs take steps to make their facilities more environmentally friendly. When it comes to sustainability, one of the biggest concerns is water usage, as there is a limited supply of clean water to go around. In any building, most of the major water use comes from the restroom, so taking steps to conserve water there will go a long way toward reducing your overall water consumption. Because our team specializes in urinal systems, in this article, we will discuss a few ways to make your building’s urinals more sustainable.

  • Switch to Waterless Models- The most effective way to make your urinal systems more sustainable is to replace your standard flush urinals with waterless models. Each standard, one-gallon flush urinal uses up to 40,000 gallons of water each year, and by replacing them with waterless models, you can save all that water.
  • Save Water on Cleaning- In addition, waterless urinal systems require less water to clean, as instead of washing them with water, you can simply spray the urinal bowl with a cleaning solution, let it work, and then wipe it away. Waterless urinals will reduce the necessary cleaning load in other ways, as well—since they don’t flush, they won’t spray particulates into the air as flush urinals do, which means there won’t be as many germs on the other surfaces in your restroom. All this adds up to a cleaner, less wasteful, and more comfortable restroom.