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120884370-Sustainable Restroom ProductsWhether you have a single restroom in a home or office or are responsible for hundreds of fixtures across a number of buildings, you’re well aware of what you use in those restrooms. What you use has an impact on more than your bottom line, however. The products you buy and the fixtures you use have all changed dramatically in the past few years. Using sustainable restroom products is more than a feel-good moment for you — it’s a way to save incredible amounts of money on utilities and maintenance while producing less waste.

There are many options and producers of various sustainable restroom products. Your specific needs will depend on the number of fixtures and the level of use of each restroom. In addition, low-flow toilets and low-flush or zero-flush urinals drastically cut down the intake of water and output of sewage, lowering your immediate usage and your monthly utilities. Within months, you’ve recouped your investment and will continue to save money on water and sewer bills for as long as the fixtures are in use.

At hybridH2O, we’re leading the way in sustainable restroom products. We understand your needs and have worked hard to provide a replacement cartridge for your zero-flush urinal, no matter the manufacturer. Our technology allows our products to function without sealant, and we’re often able to offer our product at a significantly lower cost. In addition, our products work with both zero-flush and low-flush systems, so we have a solution that meets or exceeds your area’s requirements.

Let us at hybridH2O help you today with your sustainable restroom products!