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Smarty-Bee-CartridgeAt R. Turner Associates, we offer waterless urinal replacement cartridges online through our website, which you can find here. Also available on our website are completely waterless urinal systems, with a variety of designs from which you may choose.

Waterless urinal systems work by allowing fluids to move naturally by the force of gravity to the bottom of the bowl. The cartridge, located at the bottom of the bowl where the drain is normally found, works as a filter to help control odors and waste as fluid passes through it. It is also set to flush automatically and rinse the bowl and system from time to time, helping to keep the urinal fresh and clean.

Waterless urinal replacement cartridges will be needed from time to time, as the cartridges last a limited, although lengthy, period of time.

Though the cartridges do need to be replaced, their implementation will save you overall time, money, and resources by eliminating all of the standard maintenance required by a traditional urinal. This is because the waterless urinal system is greatly simplified by the absence of a water flow, needing no hookup or flush valve at all.

All of your sustainable restroom supplies are available at the R. Turner Associates website. Whether you are in need of waterless urinal replacement cartridges or an entire new urinal system, we are ready and able to assist you in your purchase!