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How NOT to Treat Your Waterless UrinalWaterless urinals are highly efficient and environmentally-friendly devices. In order to get the best out of them, though, they must be treated correctly. Here are 3 things you should never do to your waterless urinal:

  • Do not pour excessive amounts of water into the bowl. Too much water may damage certain types of waterless urinals. Familiarize yourself with and follow the manufacturer’s instructions in this regard.
  • Do not dispose of harsh detergents or chemicals into a waterless urinal, as they can damage the cartridge and/or sealant located within the urinal.
  • Do not scour, scrape, scratch or otherwise damage the surface of the urinal bowl. Waterless urinals usually have highly polished, smooth surfaces to facilitate natural draining away of urine. Damaging the surfaces will harm the efficiency of the unit.

So much for the negative – now for some positive information. This video clip demonstrates the correct way to maintain a waterless urinal. Most waterless urinals are maintained in a similar manner; however, there are slight differences between some of them. Always refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding how best to care for your waterless urinal.