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Urinal Systems If you’ve grown up with urinals that require water, you are likely fascinated by waterless urinal systems. How do they work? How is possible to remove waste without water? Once you understand how these systems work, you’ll probably be ready to invest in your first waterless urinal. At any rate, you will have a better understanding of how these systems operate whenever you run into one in public.

People use waterless urinals just as they use any other type of urinal. However, these urinals don’t have pipes for water intake, and they don’t flush. Instead of flushing, they use gravity to drain the urine from the urinal. While they don’t have intake pipes, they do contain outflow pipes. These pipes feed into the conventional plumbing system, where the waste goes to a water treatment plant.

Because waterless urinal systems don’t use water, they are good for the environment. While regular urinals require water to remove the waste, these urinals conserve water, and that water can be used for other purposes. This cuts down on water bills and makes these urinal systems an environmentally friendly option.

Now that you know how waterless urinal systems work, you are ready to make a decision. If you want to invest in a system, you just need to contact us at hybridH2O, and we can help you set up your first system.