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Water-Free Urinal ProductsWhen you go into a bathroom, you might not notice that the room uses waterless urinals instead of traditional ones, until you go up to do your business. Although they may not look vastly different, waterless urinal products are extremely different from traditional units due to how they operate.

Although waterless urinal products may seem like something from the space-age, they are relatively simple in design and function. When urine enters into the bowl of a waterless urinal, it drains into a small trap at the bottom of the urinal’s base. Then, the liquid meets a sealant. The main role of the sealant is to prevent the urine from exposure to the air in the bathroom.

When the urine has gone through the cartridge, it is then transported into a small well. This containment area is filled with water and will eventually displace the water with urine. Once the well is full, it will then drain out into the building’s sewer system. The main difference between traditional urinals and waterless urinal products is that the urine is flushed out of the system with water with normal urinals while the urine drains naturally out of waterless ones.

If you’re thinking about installing waterless urinals in your building’s restrooms, it is important to remember that you will need to change the cartridges in the urinals on a regular basis to prevent problems from occurring. Even with that, waterless urinals are simple to maintain and can save your building money. Contact us at hybridH2O if you want to know more about the science behind waterless urinals.