How Can Public Urinals Be More Efficient?

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There is always attention on homes and businesses being as energy efficient as possible, as well as good reasons to practice water conservation. The concern is whether that is all that can be done to protect our planet’s resources. The reality is that there is also a need for municipal endeavors to keep this in mind. Considering that electricity and water are being paid for with tax revenues, it might be even more important!

How Can Public Urinals Be More Efficient?

Interstate rest areas and government buildings, as well as military facilities, universities, and other places with public restrooms, should consider retrofitting for water efficiency. A good place to start is public urinals. Switching to sustainable restroom products, such as high-quality waterless urinals, is an affordable way to positively impact water costs while helping the environment.

The way waterless public urinals work is by allowing waste to pass through to the bathroom’s drainage system naturally, instead of being forced through with water. They also have a built-in system and optional deodorizer screen that creates a positive scent, making the public restroom a more enjoyable environment.

At hybridH2O, we offer the Smarty Bee waterless urinal system for a wide variety of applications, including public urinals where water conservation is especially important. We offer a selection of affordable urinal products that are ideal for any location. Our products are dependable, and the industry-leading technology is perfect for water conservation. Contact us today with any questions that you might have.