High-Water Usage Industries that Benefit from Waterless Urinals

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There are many industries that consume an incredible amount of water in the course of business. If your business does, you may be looking for any way you can save water to reduce your water budget. Waterless urinals are a step in the right direction, especially if you have a large staff and many guests who frequent your property and use your restrooms.

High-Water Usage Industries that Benefit from Waterless Urinals

Here are a few high-water usage industries that should consider waterless urinals:

  • Hospitals- Between frequent handwashing, cleaning, and laundry activities, hospitals use a great deal of water every day.
  • Restaurants- Not only can you conserve water by installing waterless urinals at your restaurant, but you’ll also impress your clientele that you’ve taken a step toward water conservation.
  • Rest areas- The number-one reason travelers stop at rest areas is to use the restroom. You’ll save a ton of water by converting to waterless urinals.
  • Shopping malls- Throughout the year, especially at the holidays, you’ll have visitors doing a fair amount of shopping and staying there long enough to need to use the restroom at some point. Installing waterless urinals could greatly reduce your water bill.

These are just a few heavy-water-usage industries that can benefit from waterless urinals. Keep in mind, however, that even if you have a business that doesn’t use a great deal of water, you can still enjoy a lower water bill by retrofitting your building with waterless urinals.

If you have questions about how they work and what it would cost for your project, reach out to us at hybridH2O. There are over 100,000 waterless urinals in the United States, and you could join the list of those who love knowing they are protecting our planet’s precious resources.