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waterless urinals save money.

For anyone concerned about the environment who’s running a business or facility, it’s sometimes necessary to defend your decision to use eco-friendly products. This can be especially true for making the decision to use waterless urinals, partly because a restroom’s the sort of place where fresh thinking can be seen as a weird venue to employ fresh ideas. Luckily, the right and true explanations are not difficult to provide or comprehend.

The easiest start is waterless urinals save money. Even someone hostile to environmentalism can appreciate that. Simply begin by saying that the elimination of timed or manual flushes is taken out of the equation and so your water bills go down. That will certainly get their attention.

Additional arguments include the convenience of waterless urinals in times of drought. Though this can be a rare situation, it’s good for the community if a drought-ridden area doesn’t have urinals flushing. Being a good civic partner is not specifically an environmental argument, so this line of argument can overcome the doubts of a green-movement doubter. This is especially the case where water restrictions can lead to hefty fines for those who disobey. If your urinals flush automatically, then you may have to spend money to get those flushes turned off.

We at hybrid H2O provide waterless urinals that get rid of those problems. With the use of Smarty Bee urinal cartridges, urine is trapped beneath a dome that also traps odors. The solution we provide to wasted water and water bills is easy to defend.