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Smarty Bee waterless urinal cartridge is that it prevents odors

Waterless urinal cartridges are still a specialty item that most people don’t know much about. Probably many more men have used them than have even been aware of using them. Nonetheless, it’s important for anyone in the business of supplying a restroom with eco-friendly products to know about the range of urinal cartridges available.

More specifically, we at hybridH2O would like to introduce you to the Smarty Bee waterless urinal cartridge. It’s the standard urinal cartridge for hybridH2O urinals. One of the distinguishing features of the Smarty Bee waterless urinal cartridge is that it prevents odors by trapping the urine beneath it, instead of masking the smell with other scents. The cartridges come with a replacement tool that is simple to use so proper installation is quick and easy.

Smarty Bee waterless urinal cartridges can be flushed with water and have no ill effects. No cleaning products are required ever with one of these cartridges, which saves the proprietor more money. With an already lowered water bill, the cleaning of one of our hybridH2O waterless urinals does not oblige a custodian to use any solvents or soaps on these cartridges.

Plumbers, janitors, and custodians will find the Smarty Bee waterless urinal cartridge an easy item to install and service. We at hybridH2O are proud to present an intelligent and eco-friendly product that does not require extra or undue attention. It’s a simple and even elegant solution to a changing world where the development of eco-intuitive, alternative restroom products is more and more crucial to a sustainable world.