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Urinal SystemsAs a business owner, you probably already realize that switching to waterless urinal systems in your building can save your operations money.

However, you might not recognize that in addition to cutting costs, using waterless urinal systems at your location might be able to boost your brand’s image. Here’s why:

  • Water is a precious natural resource that needs to be conserved. Since waterless urinal systems don’t use any water, when people come in to use your restroom, you demonstrate to them that you care about the environment.
  • With the money you save on water by switching to waterless urinals, you can devote that funding to other areas of your business that could use it. For example, you might devote these extra funds to improving the quality of your services or to advertising one of your newer products.
  • When you walk into a restroom that has waterless urinals, you’ll quickly notice that the surrounding area doesn’t smell bad. When your clients come in to use your restroom, they’ll likely appreciate this and view it as a positive reflection of your business.

If you’re ready to switch to waterless urinal systems, save money, and improve your brand’s image, we’re here to help. At hybridH2O, we sell waterless urinals, as well as all of the products and accessories you need to maintain these systems. To find out more about why you should use waterless urinals at your location or to receive more information about any of our products, give us a call today.