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Urinal Deodorizer ScreensWhether you are in charge of a public restroom or you just have to worry about the restroom at your house, you want the bathroom to be a pleasant experience. You want each trip there to be as nice as possible. You can improve the experience with urinal deodorizer screens. These screens make the entire bathroom experience better, from the time you walk into the restroom up until the time you leave. If you want to come and go with a smile on your face, it starts with these screens.

  • They Put a Positive Scent Out into the Bathroom- Bathrooms aren’t typically known for their nice scents, especially if you’re talking about public restrooms. Many people go in and out of these restrooms, and they bring their own odors in with them. You can fight back against those smells with urinal deodorizer screens. These screens put a positive scent out into the bathroom.
  • Reduces Splashback- Splashback can be really annoying when you’re standing at the urinal. Fortunately, some urinal deodorizer screens reduce splashback. Once they are installed, you won’t have to worry about anyone getting urine on their clothing or on the floor.

Choose wisely when picking deodorizer screens. You need to go with high-quality screens so you can get the best benefits. Our team at hybridH2O can help you pick the right screens for your restroom.