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Smarty Bee Waterless is designed to thwart odors,Being better about how we use our resources is a step that many individuals, companies and municipalities are striving towards. If you have been taking active steps to be more conscious about how you use water, electricity and other resources, then you might be interested in learning how you can take your water usage from low down to zero with Smarty Bee Waterless urinal cartridges.

When you have a urinal system in place, you might not want to upgrade to a different system just yet, but with Smarty Bee Waterless cartridges, you can implement water-saving measures without the worry of installing an entirely new system. Smarty Bee Waterless cartridges fit into existing urinals with a bit of retrofitting and negate the need for water and flushing. Don’t worry though, Smarty Bee Waterless cartridges are “smartly” designed so that you don’t need to worry about water use or odors. In addition to a lack of water usage, Smarty Bee Waterless is designed to thwart odors, not simply mask them or cover them. There are no odors left to cover when you use the Smarty Bee Waterless system!

Here at hybridH2O, we are here to help make your life easier, cleaner and more sustainable with our products. With over 30 years of combined experience, we are well-experienced and equipped to provide you with the materials that you need, including Smarty Bee Waterless. With the smart use of technology, we are able to get you great results from your desires to transition to a different urinal system.

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