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Urinal Systems
When most business owners think about how they can improve their business, they don’t think about their restrooms. However, there have been significant advances in restroom technology that can significantly improve your business and how your customers and employees view your business. One such improvement that is already common in other countries is the waterless urinal. Here are five reasons why you should upgrade your restrooms to use waterless urinal systems:

  1. Reduced Utility Bills– Waterless urinal systems don’t need to be flushed like a normal urinal. Because there’s no need to flush them, they use no water. A conventional flushing urinal uses between one to three gallons of water with every flush. Eliminating that can reduce your annual utility bills by more than $200 per urinal.
  1. More Hygienic– There are two important ways that waterless urinal systems are more hygienic than conventional urinal systems. First, because they don’t flush, there is no flush handle. That means that a person using the urinal has no need to touch any part of it. Second, whenever you flush any urinal or toilet, it can cause a fine spray of particulates to enter the air. A waterless system does not have that problem.
  1. Less Odor– When urine enters a waterless urinal system, it drains into a trap in the bottom that prevents the urine from coming into contact with air, so there is no odor. In fact, a study conducted by the Center for Sustainable Tourism at East Carolina University confirmed that waterless urinal systems provide improved odor control compared to traditional toilets.
  1. Less Maintenance– Part of the beauty of a waterless urinal is its simplicity of design. Unlike conventional urinals, a waterless urinal has no mechanical parts. That means that there is very little that can go wrong with these urinals, and less maintenance costs for your business.
  2. Save the Planet- Many places around the world are experiencing droughts and water shortages. Even in parts of the United States, there are strict limits on how much water a household or business can use. Waterless urinal systems can save hundreds of gallons of water a year. When you install waterless urinal systems in your business, your employees and customers can feel good knowing that they are supporting an eco-friendly business.