5 Benefits of Waterless Urinals

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Our Smarty Bee Waterless cartridges are sanitary and simple to change. Even better? They can be installed as a zero-flush fixture, which gives you several advantages. If you’re looking for affordable, high-quality, waterless urinal accessories and supplies, our products are the ones you need.

5 Benefits of Waterless Urinals

The following are just a few benefits of waterless urinals:

  1. Significant Water Savings: Conventional flush urinals contribute to high water consumption by using a significant quantity of water with each flush. As the name implies, waterless urinals save water because they don’t need it to flush.
  1. Decreased Wastewater Treatment: Waterless urinals require less wastewater treatment because they do not require flushing water. This is particularly crucial in areas where there is a water shortage or when there is strain on the wastewater treatment system.
  1. Reduced Water Bills: By installing waterless urinals, organizations and businesses can save money on their water bills thanks to decreased water use.
  1. Simpler Maintenance: Because of the intricacy of the flushing mechanism, traditional urinals with flush mechanisms may require more maintenance than our waterless urinals, which have simpler designs.
  1. Meeting Water Efficiency Standards: As water conservation becomes a priority globally, many regions are implementing water efficiency standards. Installing waterless urinals helps businesses and institutions comply with these regulations.

Waterless urinals are yet another way to improve your organization’s impact on the environment. Our fixtures provide water-efficient and environmentally friendly washroom facilities that help your team take another step toward sustainable practices. Contact our team at hybridH2O to learn more about the products we offer.