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3 Tips for Keeping Public Urinals Clean and HygienicPublic toilet facilities tend to be high-traffic zones and are often visited by people in a hurry. As a result, they can be substantially harder to keep clean and hygienic than bathrooms within private homes.

Unhygienic public urinals are not only unpleasant, but can also be dangerous as they can lead to the spread of infections and even diseases. Anyone responsible for the operation and maintenance of buildings that contain public restroom facilities knows that keeping these areas spotless and sanitary can be a real challenge. Here are some tips to make life easier for these people:

1. Cleaning Routine

In any public bathroom environment, it is essential that regular cleaning is carried out. The best way to make sure this is done is to have a clear schedule and appoint responsible people who are tasked with and accountable for maintaining the state of cleanliness.

Typically cleaning of public bathrooms and urinals consists of major cleaning (like stream cleaning floors, toilets and urinal bowls), as well as maintenance cleaning tasks (like mopping floors and wiping down surfaces, faucets and other fittings) that are performed daily or even several times a day, depending on how many people use the bathroom in a typical day.

2. Urinal Mats

No matter how clean urinal bowls are kept, there can still be contamination and a resulting unpleasant odor from surrounding areas – especially floors. Keeping the floors in a public bathroom clean and hygienic can be a real challenge, as it is not always possible to mop them frequently. Disposable urinal mats that are placed underneath urinals can really help in this regard.

3. Switch to Waterless Urinals

One of the best ways to keep public urinals clean and hygienic is to switch over from flushing to waterless urinals. Because the surface of these units is not kept constantly damp, they are a hostile environment for the bacteria that cause unpleasant odors and other hygiene issues.