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Reasons to Install Water-free UrinalsWaterless urinals are a development that has changed the way we view modern restroom facilities. Some new systems come with laser-equipped devices that detect when someone moves away from the urinal, then they flush automatically; but the waterless urinal system goes beyond this step, completely taking away the need to flush. Here are three great reasons why waterless urinals should be installed in every public restroom facility.

  1. No Need to Flush – No matter how clean the restroom appears, no matter how pleasant it smells, no one wants to touch the urinal in a public restroom. The waterless urinal is a development that appeals to that idea, as the absence of water also means the absence of a need to flush. Waterless urinals have a cartridge installed in the bottom of the bowl into which fluids flow and are then filtered. Running water is not needed to feed fluid through the filter, making flushing a thing of the past.
  2. Cleaner Restrooms & Easier Maintenance – When urine hits water or water hits urine, the splashing effect releases and propels germs and odors through the air. With waterless urinals, such an effect never takes place, and germs and foul odors are minimized. But there is another benefit to a waterless system: the absence of a water supply means a much simplified system overall, eliminating the need for a flush valve or any other part of the urinal that must be touched. This makes maintenance and cleaning of the urinal a simple, regular wipe-down and sanitizing process.
  3. Conserve Water & Money – Water is a precious natural resource, and the amount that can be saved by simply eliminating the need to flush urinals in public restroom facilities is staggering. But helping to conserve water usage also translates into real savings, as the water bill will go down accordingly. Combine this savings with the minimized cost of maintenance through a simplified urinal system, and you have every reason to choose waterless urinals over a traditional system.