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3 Advantages of Sustainable Restroom Products

Here at hybridH2O, we want to help you keep your restroom clean and sanitized, but we also want to help you do what’s best for the environment. Unfortunately, many conventional cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that, while great for killing germs, can damage the environment, and conventional restroom fixtures tend to use a significant amount of water. To address this problem, our team offers sustainable restroom products that will give you the same excellent results without negatively affecting the planet. In this article, we’ll go over three advantages of our sustainable restroom products in order to persuade you to make the switch.

  1. Save Water- One factor that determines whether something is sustainable or not is how much water it consumes. One of our standout sustainable restroom products is our waterless urinals, which do not waste water by flushing but instead drain via gravity. This helps save water.
  1. Save Money– Another benefit of sustainable restroom products is that they can save you a significant amount of money in the long term. Because waterless urinals use less water, they will also save you money on your monthly utility bills. This is a great boon to homeowners, but is even more of a blessing to business owners, as it will reduce their overhead by a noticeable amount. 
  1. Improve Aesthetics- Lastly, many sustainable restroom products are designed to be easier on the senses than conventional ones. Many water-saving fixtures look sleek and modern, perfect for a contemporary style, and many sustainable cleaning products have a gentler scent. If you are interested in reaping these benefits, just give us a call.